Monday, December 7, 2009

Ayudame, Ayudame

So, this is not exactly scrapbooking talk, but I just had to tell this story, mostly so that I remember it when I got to scrap it!

Usually, every morning when the kids and I get up I wrap them up in blankets on the couch, so that they can watch Disney Channel and be nice and warm. Well, this morning was no different. I wrapped them up nice and tight and they watched TV for a little while. At one point Leah, my daughter decided that she wanted to get down off of the couch and preceeded to attempt it. However, she was so wrapped up she was having a difficult time and got stuck, to which she looked at me and said..."Mom, ayudame, ayudame!" Which means help me in Spanish!

Now, this might be normal for an older child, or of course one that actually speaks Spanish, however she is 2 and the only Spanish that she hears, or should I say has learned, is from Dora the Explorer! She is actually hearing and comprehending another language from a cartoon!

I thought that this was not only funny, but amazing at the same time! It made me realize just how much they absorb at these young ages and that I should cherish every moment and memory!