Thursday, September 30, 2010

Back 2 School Layouts

Good morning everyone! Hope that everyone has a fabulous day today. It has come and gone. My first ever Back to School month. My son started Kindergarten and from here on out it will only be summer's and breaks off for him and I will admit that I am a lot little sad. He is my oldest, my first, my little boy.

I drop him off in the morning and all I want to do as I watch him walk into his classroom is grab him, hug him, never let him go, so that he never grows up. I know that isn't how it works though, nor should it be. I know that it is good that he is growing up, and learning, and becoming a sweet little man.

Well, because this is such a momentous occasion I made a few back to school layouts before they even started, so that I could just throw the pictures on there and not have to worry about them. My daughter also started her first year of Preschool and is loving it. They are such great kids and I am so lucky.

Hope that you enjoy!