Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Gift

So, for my son's Preschool teacher I decided to do a little scrapbook for her from all of the students. She had said that she was going to be doing Memory Books for the kids and I thought, "She should get one too." So, I took a 11x11 spiral scrapbook that I had, sent home little cards that I made with my Cricut and my Cricut markers to all the students, and used my Everday and Dress Up Paper Dolls catridges to whip up this book. It took a little longer to do then I thought, but it was worth it. She was a great teacher and my son truly adored her. Next years class is very lucky!

Here is the title page:

This is what each of the students pages looked like. I don't want to post all of them, because I don't have permission from the parents. But, you get the picture.

I think that overall it turned out lovely and she really like it! Thank you Mrs. Mendelson, you made this year extra special!

Memorial Day Giveaways!

There are several Memorial Day Blog Giveaways going on today and tomorrow. I will try to keep the list updated throughout the day, so check them out and maybe you could win something!

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