Monday, December 6, 2010

Just When You Think...

It Can't Get Any Worse! It Does!

So after the awful last two months that I have had I thought that I could finally start to move on and get my house back in order and what happens??? Our basement floods! Granted, it was only two inches at the deepest points, but it still ruined all of our carpet in the basement and are you ready...


Then, we found out that the insurance won't cover it because we don't have that ryder on our policy...great! Clean up was all on us, or should I say my husband. He was wonderful though and did it almost all by himself over the weekend. He is incredible!

So, most of the basement is back together and my scraproom is clean. We have no carpet or rugs, but we the walls are back to normal and the floor has been dried and bleached. Most of our stuff was in tubs or off the ground for some reason or another.

So, I was able to get back into my scraproom and create some Christmas cards. They are adorable if I do say so to follow soon.

Unfortunately, this pesky inner ear infection that I have will not go away because of my awful immune system, so the doctors have be taking Sudafed, Afrin, Zycam, and vertigo medicine...FUN!! Anyway, I am doing little projects as I can and promise to have pictures up keep an eye out!!

Oh, plus...BIG NEWS...New Years Eve is my last day at work, so I will have more time to make some scrap goodies, after all my chores get done around the house of course!