Monday, January 11, 2010

Pictures from my Hubby's Incredible Adventure Sunday Morning...

My Uneventful Weekend...

Yesterday morning was a seemingly uneventful morning, for about 2 minutes! At 7:30 I decided to get up, well, my daughter decided that I was going to get up. She had climbed in bed with me at 6:30 when my husband and my son got up (this happens almost every weekend morning, because my son gets up very early and my husband can't really sleep in anymore...I have no problem with that).

I walked out into the living room, glanced at the backdoor, which was open, and caught a glimpse of my husband walking pieces of drywall and paneling up from the basement out to the garbage outside. Do you know what my WONDERFUL husband was doing?? He decided that my craft room needed a makeover!

He took down walls and cut out a hole so that I could see the kids while I was working...he is going to put up a huge countertop so that I will have a ton of space. It will be an "L" shaped countertop, with one side being about 8 feet and the other side being about 6 feet. I am so excited. It should be done this weekend. I will post pictures as we go...I have demolition pictures that I will post tonight.

I am so excited...he so great!