Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Cards #7

Good Morning! Hope everyone is having a good beginning to their week. Here is another Christmas Card in my series. Hope that you enjoy!

Reindeer - Winter Frolic cut @ 4"
Tag - Winter Frolic cut @ 5"
Sentiment - My Pink Stamper "Winter Punnies"
Patterned Paper - DCWV Christmas Stack from last year
Cardstock - Recollections

I am also submitting this to Fantabulous Cricut - Challenge Me Monday, so if you are starting or finishing up your Christmas Cards hop on over there and join the fun!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Card #6

Hope that everyone had a fabulous and thankful Thanksgiving! Here is the 6th card in my Countdown to Christmas series. It's an adorable little Santa. Hope you enjoy!

I don't have the Recipe for this card right now (publishing this real quick so that we can put the tree up, our after Thanksgiving tradition). But, I will try to add it later.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good Morning!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I am so greatful to have such wonderful family and friends. Today has always been my favorite holiday, because it's not about presents or one person in particular, but about being together as family (or friends) and being thankful for each other and the great gifts that we are given in our lives.

Hope that you all have a wonderful day (eat lots of turkey!) and leave me a message telling me what you are greatful for on this wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Cards #4

Here is another fabulous Christmas Card using the cute little girl elf from Jolly Holidays. This is my daughters 2nd favorite. Her first I will show you later this week, but it will be aparent why she likes it so much. But, for today this cute little elf will hopefully bring you some smiles and inspiration.

Elf - Jolly Holidays cut @ 4"
Tag - Winter Frolic cut @ 5.5"
Red and Green Patterned Paper - DCWV

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Card #5

Good Morning Everyone! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow already? I have gotten quite a bit of my Christmas shopping and we are celebrating with my in laws this weekend, so at least half of it will have to be done by then.

I've gotten a lot of Christmas cards done, but am still trying to decide what cuts I want to use on the rest.

Penguin - Winter Frolic cut @ 4"
Tag and Shadow - Winter Frolic cut @ 5.5"
Stamp - My Pink Stamper "Winter Punnies"
Patterned Paper - DCWV

Hope you have enjoyed my cards so far. If you have, leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite Christmas cut is. It can be on any cartridge that you have. Thanks!

Countdown to Christmas Cards #3

Good Morning! I did a lot of scrapping this weekend got a lot accomplised. I have so much to show you, but for now here is my 3rd Christmas Card...a CUTE little elf!

Elf - Jolly Holidays cut @ 4"
Tag - Winter Frolic cut @ 5.5"
Blue and Green Christmas Paper - DCWV
Warmest Winter Wishes Stamp - My Pink Stamper "Winter Punnies"

Hope everyone has a great week! I have a ton of cards and 3 layouts that I cranked out this weekend ready to post. So, make sure that you come back each morning this week for something new!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Two posts in one day I know! If you are looking for my Christmas Card post please go here...
Countdown to Christmas Cards #2

This is what I am trying to keep in mind these last few weeks of this pregnancy. I am starting to feel very overwhelmed with the numerous things that need to get done, along with all of the daily things that seem to be not getting done. My sleep is becoming non-existant, making my energy also non-existant.

However, I am trying to remember that all those things don't matter. My kids don't care if I am the perfect mom, they just want to be loved and I give them that. So, even if there is a pile of dirty clothes on their floor, the refridgerator is over flowing with things that need to be cleaned out of it, there are 2, yes 2, bags of garbage still in my kitchen that need to be taken out, and the dishwasher needs to be unloaded so that the dishes that are in the sink can be loaded, the only thing that matters is that everyone is happy and healthy (we're working on the healthy since we have all been sick this week).

So, my confession today is that I am NOT Supermom, nor will I probably even be and I am okay with that. Anyone else feel like they are an unSupermom living in a world that makes you feel like you should be and do everything?

Countdown to Christmas Cards #2

Here is the second day of my Countdown to Christmas cards. Most of these cards are easy to cut, assemble, and give! Hope that you enjoy and that it inspires you to do something creative today! I get to go hear my little one's heartbeat today, getting close to D (delivery) day! Have a wonderful day!

Mittens - Winter Frolic cut @ 4"
Border Tag - Winter Frolic cut @ 5.5"
Stamp - My Pink Stamper "Winter Punnies"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Cards #1

House - Winter Frolic cut @ 4"
Borders Tag - Winter Frolic cut @ 5.5"
Stamp - My Pink Stamper "Winter Punnies"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank You Card

Good Morning! Hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was very busy trying to weed out all the toys that the kids don't play with in preperation for all the toys that they will probably get for Christmas. My wonderful husband worked so hard moving so many heavy things, including 5 TV's that we donated to Salvation Army, and countless number of clothes and toy bins that we had to organize. Luckily, all these things are down in the basement where we have our "toy room", as well as, my scraproom. So, that meant that my scraproom got all cleaned and somewhat reorganized too. Which also meant that I got to do a little bit of scrapping this weekend, yeah!!

I whipped up this Thank You card real quick last night for my parents. Every year my parents get us something that we need for the house for our anniversary. It just so happens that right around that time this year our freezer pooped out and we needed a new one, so that's what they got us. We are so lucky!! So here is the card that I made to say Thank You. Check down below for the recipe.

Fridge - From My Kitchen cut @ 3.5"

Hope you liked it. Check back tomorrow for the beginning of my Countdown to Christmas Cards. I got a bunch done this weekend and the pictures are all loaded and posts ready!

Have a great day!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day!!

I wanted to take the opportunity to say Thank You to all the Veterans, as well as the current soldiers fighting for our Freedom.

I want to also say a special Thank You to my very own Veteran, my husband. The selfless choice he made to serve his country has given our family, as well as so many others the freedom and opportunites that this great country has to offer.

We owe so much to all the men and women in the armed forces! Happy Veterans Day!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life's Little Blessings

It is amazing how a simple sentence can make you forget about all the things that happened, good or bad, and just make you smile and feel a warmth in your heart.

I have had a rough couple of days. As most of you know, I am almost 8 months pregnant and with that comes all the aches and pains that come with a growing belly, changing center of gravity, and a sleeplessness that is only rivaled by actually having a newborn. I am also hitting the nesting phase of pregnancy, however my mind is the only part that got the message, my body is a little behind, which makes for a very frustrated mommy.
With the holidays coming up I really wanted to be ahead of the game and have the babies room, kids new bedroom, and basement/playroom all nice and organized so that when this little girl entered the world there was as little stress on me as possible. I know that it was probably a tall order, but a girl can hope can't she?

Anyway, since we are always more busy towards the end of the year a lot of these things haven't gotten done yet and on the little sleep that I have been getting my stress level has been rising beyond what I can handle. So, the last couple of days have not been very good.

You're probably asking me why I am telling you all this though. Well, my sweet son has to read every night for school for at least 20-30 minutes. Now, he doesn't usually fight me on this, but it's also not his most favorite part of the night. So, when he had already read his required time last night and came to me just before he was to get in bed and said, "Mommy I'm just gonna read a book to (his sister) before bed," well my heart just melted. He actually wanted to read again and he wanted to read to his little sister, because she absolutely loves being read to.

Every once in a while I feel like I am doing something right as a mommy and turning out sweet, smart, respectful, loving little human beings and that makes all the bad things that may happen completely worth it and not nearly as important!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Isn't It Amazing...

how we can have the best of intentions and it just not end up going anywhere, because somehow life just gets in the way. Well, that's what my life has been like lately.

I planned on doing a Christmas card every day and I have completed quite a few and have several more half done, but when it comes to actually taking pictures of them and getting them up for all of you lovely people to see, well that's another story. With all the events that have gone on lately, with Halloween, dance, and Cub Scouts, well, my camera is quite full.

On top of that my kids have both had colds in the last week that have prevented me from getting a whole lot done. I did get a few errands done yesterday, but still have some "household" things to get done. Plus now, I'm sick! My throat is hurting me and my nose is all stuffed up. Which, for a pregnant women who is not sleeping well as it is, does not add to my energy reserve.

Anyway, I am hoping to get some much needed me time today, since the kids are home for election day, and get some more done including putting some of my Christmas cards up for you to see.

Until then, here are some cards and projects from last year to get you in the Christmas mood.

Have a Wonderful Day!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Can you believe it? Only 52 days till Christmas! Now, this has a double meaning for me, because by the time Christmas gets here I will have barely any time left till I am due with this wonderful little girl! Holy cow!!

So, as I said in my post from the other day, I am going to try to make a Christmas Card everyday this month, so that way I should have all my Christmas Cards done by the end of the month. Now, the last couple of days got real busy, because I had to do some running around for things for my sister-in-law and my new little nephew. But, this morning I have lots of other stuff that I could be doing nothing to do, so I am going to work on some cards that I have been planning out.

So, what does that mean for you guys? Hopefully, a few posts this morning from me!

Also, I am using some planning pages for my Christmas Card and gift giving organization and wanted to let you know where you can find them, because they are great. So go to Organized Chritmas and you will find tons of stuff to help you get your holidays in order.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi! Hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween! With my kiddoes being 6 and 4, Halloween is SUPER fun in my house! We had two school parties, Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo, and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood last night. Here are some fun pictures,

So, with Halloween out of the way it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas and with the latter comes Christmas cards. And since I am due shortly after Christmas I have decided to try and do at least 1 Christmas card a day and that means a post everyday for you guys.

Unfortunately, it won't start till tomorrow, since I decided this today. I have some great cards already planned and waiting to be put together, so please come back tomorrow for some great Christmasy ideas!

Oh, and a Baby Boy card coming soon, since my sister and brother-in-law welcomed a little boy, Cruz, this morning at 6:24 am, joining my niece Avery!

Hope everyone has a very creative day!