Monday, November 22, 2010

No...I'm Still Around!

Hi Everyone! Yes, I am still around. While everyone else is getting ready for the holidays, I have unfortunately been dealing with a few losses in my life. Just after my last post I lost my grandmother and then a few weeks ago I had another loss that I am not yet ready to talk about...I'm still healing and probably will be for quite a while.

I have not been gone though from the scrapping world. I may not have been posting or commenting, but I have still been checking in with all of my blogging friends and seeing all the wonderful things that all of you have been doing for the holidays. It has helped me get a little of my desire back. I am off of work till Friday, so I think that I might try to get a few things done and I will post them when I do.

So, for all of those that noticed I was gone, I am sorry and I am back. I am trying to look forward to the holidays and the New Year with Joy. I am hoping to let this year go and start a New Year fresh and with hope!