Thursday, December 10, 2009

101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

So, I saw posted on someone else's blog a challenge for 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days. It's from a website called Day Zero. It allows you to make a list of up to 101 things to do in 1001 days. You can add as little or as many as you want. You can check them off as you go and it will tell you what percentage you have completed and how many days you have left, it's about 2.75 years total. I thought that it was such a cute idea that I went right over and decided to make my list. I am going to post it here and if anyone thinks it's a great idea too and want to participate with me then leave me a comment and let me know where I can see your list! I start today!

My List:
1. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy
2. Keep my car clean for a whole month
3. Sing karaoke at a bar
4. Go ice skating
5. Attend a rally for a cause I really care about
6. Take a cooking class
7. Go to a concert
8. Have a garage sale
9. Volunteer
10. Make a will
11. Learn to golf
12. Go to an opera
13. Take a Yoga class
14. Get a passport
15. Read the Bible
16. Make a new friend
17. Go to a wine tasting
18. Donate
19. Have a spa day
20. Learn to ski
21. Reconnect with an old friend
22. Visit New York City
23. Complete a puzzle
24. Make a budget
25. Build a snowman with my kids
26. Pay for someone else's food befind me at the drive-thru
27. Renovate the bathroom
28. Creat a scrapbook for this project
29. Attend a live taping of a show
30. Cut my hair short again
31. Do a needlepoint picture
32. Move Hayden to a big boy bed
33. Visit the DIA
34. Have a scrapbook layout published
35. Adpot a family at Christmas
36. Put all my scrapbooks layouts in albums
37. Reach my goal weight of 130
38. Make a daily agenda for the kids
39. Make an Apple Pie from scratch
40. Do something nice for my husband every day for a month to make him feel special
41. Keep up with the laundry for a week
42. Keep up with the laundry for a month
43. Keep up with the laundry for 3 months
44. Stick to a budget for the whole month
45. Catch my kids scrapbooks up
46. Potty train Leah
47. Get Hayden potty trained at night
48. Get all of our debt credit cards paid off
49. Pay off 3/4 of the debt to my parents
50. Paint our bedroom
51. Reach 25 followers on my blog
52. Create a workout routine
53. Stick to a workout routine for a month
54. Clean and organize our closets and dressers
55. Take the kids to the Detroit Science Center
56. Spend a day with each child on their own once a month for 6 months
57. Find a better way to organize the kitchen
58. Plan and execute a redo of my dream scrapspace
59. Organize our file cabinet
60. Do my hair and makeup for 6 days a week for a month
61. Take the kids to a pottery store to create something
62. Take a picture of each item on this list
63. Complete this project
64. Surprise Justin with a date night
65. Get a manicure and pedicure
66. Recruit 5 people to do this with me
67. Visit my grandfathers grave
68. Make a list of 20 books I would like to read
69. Read the 20 books on my list
70. Make all of my Christmas cards
71. Finish Justin's parents scrapbook
72. Eat no sweets for a week
73. Write to 10 people that I love and tell them why they make me smile
74. Send a gift to a veteran/soldier serving
75. Make 50 homemade birthday cards
76. Have Thanksgiving at my house
77. Send my Goddaughter a gift/card for evert holiday one year
78. Send flowers to someone for  no reason
79. Have $20,000 in our savings account by the end of this
80. Babysit for Peyton or Avery once a month if they need me
81. Teach my kids to save
82. Start giving my kids a small allowance
83. Plane an herb/vegetable in the backyard
84. Watch a sunrise/sunset at the beach
85. Make cupcakes and decorate them glamourously
86. Save up for a designer purse
87. Read a book to the kids everynight for a month
88. Start my Master's program back up again
89. Start seeing a therapist again
90. Get a picture taken of the whole family, both side
91. Have a party with NO KIDS
92. Become a stay at home mom
93. Put my Rogaine on my hair everyday for a month
94. Buy Photoshop software
95. Get a good picture of myself
96. Make the garage Justin's space
97. Get "The Mitchell Family" T-shirts
98. Participate in a card/tag swap
99. Make a custom family recipe book
100. Find makeup that works with my skin tone
101. Inventory entertainment items



That is an awesome list! I may use this idea when it gets closer to New Year's Eve.