Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions!

So, today is going to be my last post of 2009. Thank goodness. I have always loved the New Year because even though so many new years resolutions go undone or unfollowed through, I still feel like it's a new beginning. I have many New Years resolutions this year in a couple different areas of my life:

  • Every day my kids get bigger and bigger and more independent, it makes me sad, yet it makes me happy too. It means that Justin and I have done something right. Therefore, I am going to cherish every day with them and do something special with them to develop more family traditions that they will remember as they get older.
  • I am determined to have family dinners at least 3 times a week. It's hard, but I think that it's important and it just takes a little bit of planning.
  • I will also try to remember that my husbands needs to know how special he is to me also. I will try to make a larger effort to show him.
  • My dad always said, "All you have to do is what they ask of you." It's so true if you think about it. It will not only help you do your job, but also help you go above and beyond.
  • I will make an effort to be grateful that I have a job, when so many other people don't.
  • Recently I have started making cards and I have found that I really enjoy it. So, I will continue to make cards and develop my cardmaking talents.
  • I will also make a bigger effort to get my kids scrapbooks done and to scrap those cherised memories, not just the ones that I have pictures for, but the ones that really mean something.
  • I am also going to make a HUGE effort to organize a design a craft room that is conducive to creativity.
Well, that's it for now. I'm sure that there will more as the year goes on, but all will encompass the loves of my life, my family.