Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Girl's First Day of Preschool

So, my little girl started preschool today and I'm a little sad. Don't get me wrong it's nice to have time to get stuff done by myself and I know that she is having a great time, but I can't believe that both of my kids are in school at some point during the week. Oh well, enough of the pity party.

I did learn something today...I am really bad at time management. I thought, "Wow, 3 hours all to myself. I am going to get so much done." WRONG! At 10:30 I realised that all I did was sort the laundry, put one load in, eat breakfast, and make a bigger mess with the paperwork that I was planning on organizing then when I started. How in the world did that happen. So, now (11:05) I have 10 minutes before I have to leave to pick up my daughter and I didn't do the one big thing that I should have and that is go and get her birthday present for tomorrow.

So, my question for all of you is this...How do you get yourself organized when your kids go back to school? Do you have a schedule? A list every morning? I would love to hear what your plan is. Leave me a comment and I will read it and visit your blog if you have one!

While I wait, here are some pictures of my kids from this morning.